"Welcome to Smaak | Amsterdam, the company I started in 2010 with the mission to create beautifully designed, timeless and modern handbags of high quality for every woman. My love affair with the bag that inspired me to start Smaak | Amsterdam started when I had my own multibrand store in Amsterdam where I mainly sold clothes, shoes and handbags. Finding the best brands for my shop was not so difficult, but finding affordable bags of high quality was a problem. My goal was born: to design and produce my own collection that could compete with the bigger fashion brands.

The journey of my design inspiration starts in Amsterdam. As a designer living in this creative and cosmopolitan city, I am inspired by the amazing mix of urban buzz, eclectic Smaaks of people living in this village-like city of charm. My designs reflect the way real women live their lives; somewhere between running from one appointment to the next and seeking out quieter, undiscovered places just outside her daily busy life. Yet these women everywhere, both urban and rural, have a unique sense of style and an abiding confidence that inspires me to create something beautiful that they will enjoy for years to come.

I have combined this blend of timeless local craftsmanship with a sense of Amsterdam cool to create versatile designs with understated elegance.

I hope you enjoy every collection."