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"To create timeless, fashionable quality bags that women can wear every day" - Andre Grundmann, Founder

Andre's keen eye for seeing functional objects and transforming them into uniquely fashionable pieces is what sets the Smaak | Amsterdam collections apart from its competitors. The unique design remains at the forefront of trends, while the brand's classic DNA is preserved and revisited in the design of each collection.

The DNA, a fusion of traditional craftsmanship with a sense of Amsterdam cool, weaves classic features such as the butter-soft leather into contrast with bold chain and symbolic chain details and adjustable straps. These features add a recognisable value to the designs and give an edge to practical and versatile creations.

The creative journey for our bags begins approximately nine months prior to the launch of the new collection. Andre and his team start designing each new style and often add specific features to his pieces that he discovers during his inspiration trips. Sometimes a design can be years in the making. Inspiration may come from a distant memory or a subject that requires meticulous research before it can be realised in the form of a handbag.

Andre's passion for quality design means that he goes to great lengths to ensure that the most exceptional craftsmanship is incorporated into each collection. Each 'locally designed' piece, which is crafted by skilled artisans, is an essential aspect in which Andre strongly believes it elevates the pieces to a level of incomparable luxury design.


Our passion for quality design ensures that the most exceptional craftsmanship goes into every collection. We collaborate with the finest leather producers and a high quality tannery to provide the most vibrant colours and appropriate textures for our collections.

We make sure that we know where our leathers and materials come from, and that the source is environmentally and socially responsible. 

Our bags are brought to life by one family business that we have worked closely with for over 5 years. Having each piece 'locally made' by artisans is an essential aspect in which we deeply believe it elevates the pieces to a level of incomparable luxury design. Each prototype and the final design is hand-finished with perfect stitching that takes up to 3 hours to make, then carefully checked, tested and approved before arriving in our shops or packed in our Smaakful boxes for delivery to your home.

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